Subject: Re: 1. Gnome Shell segfaults 2. Gnome Panel
orientation problem

On Sun, 11 Dec 2011 23:49:42 +0100, DebianTR.WP wrote:

> I am experiencing two problems. Actually, I am thinking about writing a
> bug report, but don't have any time, thus wanted to share them here
> first, maybe some people experienced same things and have some
> solutions.

Opening a bug report is usually the best way to solve these problems,
even more if you are running testing/sid. But I would first look if the
bug (or a similar one) is already opened:

For gnome-shell:;dist=unstable

For gnome-panel:;dist=unstable

> First: Gnome Shell
> Gnome Shell segfaults because of "". The error message
> from /var/log/messages is:
> deb64 kernel: [16487.013098] gnome-shell[12078]: segfault at 1c0 ip
> 00007f46a8b8b812 sp 00007fffe25b40d0 error 4 in


I think a segfault is something worth to report. It can be a problem with
a package or colliding library and these ones are very hard to debug by
your own (at least for me :-) ).

> Secondly: Gnome Panel
> Because of the problem given in the first instance I use Gnome Fallback
> mode, since I am writing a lot in these last days, and do not want to
> deal with crashes, at least not now.
> Toda I wanted to position the panel to the left, and after clicking an
> icon on the panel, Gnome crashed immediately. I logged in aga...

in, now

> tried to run an app via Alt+F2, but this did not change anything and it
> crashed again.
> Error message:
> deb64 kernel: [ 498.333905] gnome-panel[3669] trap divide error
> ip:7f3cbdd5b42c sp:7fff3142c8b0 error:0 in


Have you tried to create a new fresh user and login with it? This would
be the first step I'd try...



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