Subject: replaygain plugin for rhythmbox on wheezy not

I have an almost up-to-date Wheezy install, and Rhythmbox's ReplayGain
plugin is not working. When run from the command line, I see these
messages pop up after I select that plugin:

(rhythmbox:2000): libpeas-WARNING **: Error initializing Python Plugin
Loader:PyGObject initialization failed
ImportError: could not import gobject (error was: 'No module named _gobject')

(rhythmbox:2000): libpeas-WARNING **: Please check the installation of all the
Python related packages required by libpeas and try again

(rhythmbox:2000): libpeas-WARNING **: Loader 'python' is not a valid
PeasPluginLoader instance

(rhythmbox:2000): libpeas-WARNING **: Could not find loader 'python' for plugin

All of my python and libpeas stuff is up-to-date. Any ideas on how to
fix this? I'd rather not to a full upgrade at this point because it's
on a working MythTV system, and any downtime would make me quite
unpopular in my house...


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