Re: SEDT (VMS EDT-like editor) under Cygwin ?

Jim McCarthy wrote:

Hello --

SEDT is a VMS-EDT-like editor freely available as C source code for multiple platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc) at

I have successfully build "sedt.exe" (following the Linux example) under Cygwin/X ... but running it either in the Cygwin console window, and/or in an xterm or rxvt window under Cygwin/X, I encounter strange behavior. Text entered from the keyboard appears fine on the screeen until I hit <return>, which instead of moving to the start of a new line echoes as ^M (actually, the letter M in reverse-video) on the screen. This behavior is the same regardless of which SYSTEM=xxxxx setting I use in SEDT's startup configuration file, SEDT.CNF ... (i.e., I've tried xterm, vt100, vt200, vt300, and even IBMAT).

Any fans of VMS EDT out there who might be sufficiently interested in SEDT under Cygwin to help me troubleshoot these problems ? Must have something to do with how Cygwin is build on top of MS-Windows (my Windows installation is Windows NT Workstation 4.0, SP6a, and my Cygwin kernel release is 1.5.12 (0.116/4/2), built 2004-11-10 08:34; "set" shows term = xterm.

Thanks for any assistance,

-- Jim

Jim, you have the wrong mailing list.
I sent it to cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx

Robert McNulty Junior
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