Jolanda Brienne Queen of Jerusalem

Jolanda Brienne Queen of Jerusalem

Also know as Yolanda and Isabella, she was born the Queen of
Jreusalem nad was married to Barbarosa (red-beard) who third son,
Petrol, murdered Ulrich de Rougemont no doubt over who were the
rightful heirs of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Jon Presco

Isabella IITH of Brienne queen of Jerusalem (1212-1225)
---------------------------- German queen
1212-8,5,1228 queen of Sicilies
Buried: Crypt of the cathedral to Andria

Only daughter of the king Johann of Brienne Jerusalem and Maria Ith
la Marquise of Jerusalem , daughter of king Konrad

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages: V page 669 bound
Isabella II. of Brienne (Yolanda), queen of Jerusalem
* 1212, + 1 May 1205
Akkon Andria

Daughter Johanns V. of Brienne and Maria von Montferrat, Koenigin
von Jerusalem, who died in the child bed.

Isabella was therefore since their birth queen ; the guardianship
government led its father, that it in March 1223 under papal
switching with emperor FRIEDRICH II. married. These in August 1225
14 galeeren sent after Akkon, the Isabella after locking of a power
of attorney marriage (holy cross cathedral, imperial power of
attorney gate: Bishop Jakob von Patti) and coronation/culmination in
Tyrus (brought August 1225) after Brindisi, where on 9 November 1225
the Vermaehlung of the pair unequal at age took place. Out of that
probably only to 1227 carried out marriage KONRAD IV went. out.
Isabella died on 1 May 1228 in the child bed .
FRIEDRICH II. thereafter the guardianship government in the kingdom
exercised Jerusalem for KONRAD; up to Konrad in the end (1268) the
STAUFER , whose short rule had catastrophic consequences for latin
the east, led the king title of Jerusalem.


B eduerftig peace man: Page 116
"bag encyclopedia Staufer"
* 1212, + 1.5.1228
Akkon Andria (Apulien)

A princess life had to lead it, and a particularly sad to it:
Jolande , the heiress of the Kingdom of Jerusalem , was already
1222, with nine or ten years, article of marriage negotiations.
Hermann of Salza, large master of the German medal, stepped II in
the name of its friend FRIEDRICH. as bride solicitors up; owing to
its good connections to Rome he attained also the agreement of the
Pope to the marriage project. The partners closed their federation
in August 1225 as so-called power of attorney marriage: The emperor
sent a bishop from Sicilies as a deputy into the holy country, who
let itself marry there with Jolande and be crowned to the king of
Jerusalem. With this kingdom it was however at this time far already
no longer ago: The Muslims kept the capital Jerusalem occupied, and
the Christian sphere of influence had shrunk up to the coastal seam,
so that the ceremonies were not committed by approximately in the
ports Akkon and Tyros. "Adieu, dear Syria, I will not see you
again", did not say the young girl under tears, when she mounted the
ship. The prophecy should prove to be true, Jolande did not see
again the homeland not. In November 1225 the wedding in Brindisi
repeated, this time played FRIEDRICH even the bridegroom. Otherwise
it behaved meanly: He with Jolandes cousin, who should have stood
for guard before the door, spent the wedding night, and the young
queen disappeared in the Harem, which the STAUFER at its yard in
Palermo maintained. FRIEDRICH it visited there still occasionally,
Jolande brought also a child to the world, who received the name
KONRAD, but only few days after the birth she died, not even 17
years old. FRIEDRICH however the rule in Jerusalem could stress in
the future as a guardian of its son, what proved with the fifth
crusade as helpful.


D ecker Hauff Hansmartin: Volume III page 359
"the time of the Staufer"

77 (64) emperor FRIEDRICH II.
* 26,12,1194, + 13.12.1250

II oo Brindisi 9,11,1225 (March 1223 gets engaged)
ISABELLA/ELISABETHA (Yolande) OF BRIENNE , heiress of the Kingdom of
* around 1211/12, + 5,5,1228 (in the childbed, at the birth of the
later king KONRAD IV. )

Buried: Crypt of the cathedral to Andria

Daughter of the Johann, count von Brienne , from 1212 to 1225
(Titular)Koenig of Jerusalem (around 1175/80 1237) and Maria von
Montferrat, Koenigin von Jerusalem (1191-1212) , daughter of the
Mark count Konrad von Montferrat, (approximately -) king of

Children: 88 ( daughter ), 89 ( king KONRAD IV. )


Sch whom-nods Detlev: Board 15
"European family trees new one consequence volume Ith 1"
Konstantin roger friedrich II.
* Iesi, Prov. Ancona 26. XII 1194, + Castel Fiorentino with Lucera,
Prov. Perugia 13. XII 1250

Buried: Palermo cathedral

25. XII 1196 as a KING selected
Palermo 17. V 1198 as a KING crowned OF SICILIES
Frankfurt/Main 5. XII 1212 as a KING selected
Mainz 9. XII 1212 and Aachen 25. VII 1215 crowned
Rome 22. XI 1220 EMPERORS
Brindisi 9. XI 1225 as the KING OF JERUSALEM explains itself
Jerusalem 18. III 1229 itself crowned
17. VIII 1245 set off from the Pope

I oo Messina 5./15. VIII 1209
KONSTANZE Infantin of Aragon
* (1179), + Catania 23. VI 1222

Buried: Palermo cathedral

Daughter of Alfons(o) IITH king of Aragon, count von Baceloan
Widow of Emmerich (Imre) king of Hungary

II oo Brindisi 9. XI 1225
* 1211, + Andria, Prov. Bari 25. IV 1228

Buried: Andria cathedral


Daughter of Johann (Jean) king of Jerusalem emperor von

III oo Confirmatio matrimonii in articulo mortis 1233/34
+ 1233/34

Daughter of N and Bianca of the older Lancia

IV oo Worms 15. (20.) VII 1235
ISABELLA OF ENGLAND (Anjou plantagenet)
* 1214, + Foggia 1. XII 1241

Buried: Andia cathedral

Daughter of king Johann without country (lacquer country)


H oeflinger Klaus: Page 323
"emperors Friedrich II. (1212-1250)" into medieval rulers in life
* 26,12,1194 in Jesi (province Ancona)
+ 13,12,1250 in Castel Fiorentino with Lucera (province Foggia)

Burial place: Cathedral to Palermo, heart in the cathedral to Foggia

Parents: Emperor HEINRICH VI. and Konstanze

Gotten engaged before that 5.6.1202

Daughter king Alfons ' II. of Aragon (+ 1196) and the Sancha of Leon
Kastilien (+1208), daughter king Alfons ' VII.

Engagement at the end of of 1204 solved

1. oo 5./15.8.1209 in Messina (?) (end of 1204/Anfang already gets
engaged 1205, wedding by
procurationem 1208 in Saragossa)
* around 1182/83, + 23,6,1222 in Catania

Burial place: Cathedral to Palermo

Parents: King Alfons II. of Aragon (+ 1196) and Sancha of Leon
Kastilien (+ 1208), daughter king Alfons ' VII.

o around 1211/12 Konkubinat also
N (normannisch Sicilian countess)
* around 1190/95, + after 1213

o after 1213/14 in Germany Konkubinat also
ADELHEID (from Swabian high aristocracy), daughter Konrad von
Urslingen, Herzog von Spoleto
* around 1194/95 in Spoleto, + after 1218 (or 1223 and/or 1234?)

o around 1220 in Italy Konkubinat also
* around 1200, + after 1222/25

o around 1220/22 Konkubinat also
N (from the house of the counts Lancia?)

o around 1220/25 Konkubinat also
MANNA, niece of the archbishop Berard of Messina

2. oo 9,11,1225 (gets engaged in March 1223)
* around 1211/12, + 5,5,1228 in Andria

Burial place: Cathedral to Andria

Parents: Johann, count von Brienne (+ 1237), king of Jerusalem (1212-
1225), and Maria, Tochter of the Mark count Konrad von Montferrat,
Koenigin von Jerusalem (1191-1212)

o November 1225 in Brindisi (?) Konkubinat also
N (the Isabella of Brienne, Beatrix used?)

o around 1226 (?) in upper Italy Konkubinat also
N (make Schwaebin, daughter of the Bertold of hatchet stone?)
* around 1205, + after 1235

3. oo 1233/34 in Apulien, Gioia del Colle (?)
* around 1210/11, + 1233/34 in Gioia del Colle (?)

Burial place: Gioia del Colle

(at the latest since 1227 in connection with the emperor, which was
legalisiert at the dead bed)
Nut/mother: Bianca Lancia the older one, daughter Manfred of the

4. oo 15,7,1235 in Worms (by procurationem in Westminster 22,2,1235)
* 1217, + 1,12,1241 in Foggia

Burial place: Cathedral to Andria

Parents: King Johann without country of England (+ 1216) and
Isabella (+ 1246), daughter of the count Aimar II. of Angouleme


M ayer Hans's Eberhard: Page 205,209,220,222,223,248
"history of the crusades"
In November 1225 FRIEDRICH II married. Isabella of Jerusalem and
created itself thereby a dynastischen requirement on Jerusalem.
Still before its departure from Italy Isabella was on 8 May 1228 at
the consequences the birth of KONRAD IV. died, and after the right
from Jerusalem FRIEDRICH only as a guardian of his son ruler was in
the holy country.

L ehmann Johannes: Page 268-270
"the Staufer. Gloss and misery of a German emperor sex "

And as it for his part Pope Innocenz around eleven years older the
Konstanze of Aragon had selected, then now also Pope Honorius for
the 28-jaehrigen had equal widower a bride ready, who was only half
as old this time for alternation as the emperor. It was mentioned
the 13-jaehrige Isabella of Brienne, Jolande. She was the daughter
over 70-jaehrigen of the Johann of Brienne . This had traveled to
Europe, in order to look for for Jolande a man and with it a king
from Jerusalem to. FRIEDRICH II. was obviously inspired by this
arrangement not particularly, because it had to be persuaded
formally. But FRIEDRICH it did not have with the marriage hasty, and
which intended departure date for the crusade elapsed in June 1225,
because no Jolande in Apulien had still emerged. By a contract with
the Pope bound, FRIEDRICH II married. then on 9 November 1225 in the
cathedral of Brindisi Isabella of Brienne . Of love II could with
this second marriage FRIEDRICHS. no speech its. In the morning after
the wedding night Isabella told crying its father, who emperors did
not have her at all considered and instead of its Anais , one of
their cousins from the attendants, enticed. It hardly cared also
later for Isabella , but sent themselves it into the Harem "from
beautiful women", which it held itself after eastern custom in
Salerno. Since it needed however a son, in order to be able to
continue the kingdom of Jerusalem, it the unfortunate Isabella bore
a successor to the throne on 25 April 1228: It was KONRAD . Six days
later died Isabella of Brienne , not even 17 years old.

A bulafia, David: Page 158-161
"rulers between the cultures Friedrich II. of high baptism"

The means, with which Johann support hoped to provide, was its
daughter Isabella , also Yolande mentioned. FRIEDRICH II. was
already verwitwet in the year 1222. Now the queen of Jerusalem
waited for a husband, who would be capable of of will and to defend
their inheritance and a suitable bridegroom as the cross drivers
into spe and highest rulers of the Christian world, FRIEDRICH OF
HIGH BAPTISM , did not seem in view. Thus in Ferentino it was
decided that Isabella from the east journeys should accept and
FRIEDRICH by the marriage the title of a king of Jerusalem. In this
way Jerusalem should receive finally the protector, whom it needed.
First however wedding was celebrated, only by deputies in Akkra,
then in Brindisi, after Isabella had been geweiht in Tyros to the
queen and brought on a ship Heinrichs from Malta to Sicilies. There
the wedding was again committed, in presence Johanns and the
Christian aristocracy from Jerusalem.
The emperor began only now to draw that distrust on itself, which
should accompany him over far distances of its remaining term of
office. Even its wedding with Isabella was represented now as
ambitious attempt to add its two crowns as emperors and a king of
Sicilies third. The sympathies for the miracle child from Apulien
were playful thereby.

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