Subject: Jeanne de Rougemont/Ferrette/Pfirt von Habsburg

Jeanne de Rougemont/Ferrette/Pfirt von Habsburg

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In these genealogies we see how the name Ferrette (also Pfirt) is
connected to the Shroud Family. The Habsburgs came to own Rougemont
(also Rosemont and Rozemont) castle in the Alsace and intermarried
with the Ferrette family who originally owned Rougemont. With the
marriage of Jeanne de Rougemont/Ferrette to Albert de Habsburg, the
Habsburgs begin a dynastic reign that will last hudreds of years,
forming blood ties to most of the Royal Houses of Europe.

"When Renaud of Burgundy died in 1322, his daughter, Jeanne
ofMontbéliard, the wife of Count Ulrich III of Ferrette, inherited
her father's domains. Jeanne and Ulrich had 4 daughters and no sons.
When Ulrich died in1324, Jeanne sold her domains (including Belfort)
to Albert of Habsburg, the Duke of Austria. In 1347, Albert of
Habsburg also called Albert the Wise, whose family was important in
the German Empire, married Jeanne of Ferrette, one of the four
daughters of Jeanne and Ulrich. These Habsburgs already held the
title of "Landvogt" of Upper-Alsace. Albert soon bought the
remaining domains of his wife's parents in Upper-Alsace. This
region, including Belfort, remained part of the Habsburg properties
(directly or indirectly) for thenext 300 years.

de ROUGEMONT, Frédéric
de ROUGEMONT, Frédéric (Ulrich)

The Rougemont/Ferrette von Habsburg DynastySee the COMTES OF FERRETTE
(Photos: Habsburg shield. Von Ferrette and Otto von Habsburg.
Knights of Rougemont. Ruins of Rougemont and Florimont Castle.)

These Habsburg properties were called the "VorderÖsterreich", with
the city of Ensisheim as the capital.1324-51 Sovereign Countess
Johanna von Pfirt und Rougemont Daughter of Count Ulrich III von
Pfirt and Jeanne de Bourgogne, and the heiress of vast lands in
Austria and thereby added to the wealth of her husband, Albrecht von
Habsburg, Count of Pfirt, Duke of Austria, Styria, Carinthia,
Carniola and South Tyrol (1330-58). He suffered from reumathics and
was partly paralyzed at times, and she was left in charge of the
government at those occations and remained very influential. After
15 years of marriage, she gave birth to her first child at the age
of 39 and had five other children in 1342, 1346, 1347, 1348 and died
two weeks after giving birth to the last at the age of 51. She lived

THIEBAUT de Ferrette, son of ULRIC II Comte de Ferrette [Pfirt] &
his second wife Agnes de Vergy (-Basel [4 Dec 1310/7 Feb 1311]). He
succeeded his father in 1275 as THIEBAUT Comte de Ferrette. The
Annales Basilienses record that "dominus episcopus Basiliensis"
bought the county of Ferrette in 1276 and confirmed the purchase by
letters[164], presumably a confirmation of the purchase in 1271
noted above. Châtelain de Rougemont 1295. m firstly (before Oct
1273) as her second husband, KATHARINA von Klingen, widow of RUDOLF
von Lichtenberg, daughter of WALTER III Herr von Klingen (-1296). m
secondly ([1304/05]) as her second husband, MARGUERITE de Blamont,
widow of JEAN de Bourgogne Seigneur de Montaigu [Bourgogne-Comté],
daughter of HENRI I Seigneur de Blamont. children of first marriage:
1. ULRICH von Pfirt (-Basel 11 Mar 1324, bur Thann Barfusserkirche).
Seigneur de Rougemont 1305/1309. He succeeded his father in 1311 as
ULRICH III Comte de Ferrette. m (Betrothed 19 Nov 1295, 1303 before
28 Jul) as her first wife, JEANNE de Bourgogne, daughter of RENAUD
de Bourgogne [Comté] Comte de Montbéliard & his wife Guillemette de
Neuchâtel Ctss de Montbéliard (-[26 Aug 1347/11 Sep 1349]). She
married secondly (before 23 Feb 1326) Rudolf Hesso Markgraf von
Baden. a) JEANNE ([1300/1310]-Vienna 15 Nov 1351, bur Kloster
Gaming). Genealogies such as Europäische Stammtafeln[165] state that
Jeanne was born in 1300. This seems unlikely given that her youngest
son was born in 1351. It also does not fit with her parents'
marriage (1303 before 28 Jul), and the birth dates of her mother's
immediate family (younger sister born around 1295). It is more
reasonable to suppose that she was born around 1310. She succeeded
her father as Comtesse de Ferrette [Pfirt] 11 Mar 1324.

The necrology of Gaming records the death "1351 XVII Kal Dec"
of "Iohanna ducissa Austria in Phyrt quidam genta hic sepulta"[166].
The necrology of Heiligenkreuz records the death "XVI Kal Oct"
of "Iohanna ux ducis Alberti"[167]. This date is not corroborated by
other sources and should be viewed with caution in light of the
number of inaccuracies noted in this necrology. m (15 Feb 1324)
ALBRECHT of Austria, son of ALBRECHT I King of Germany, Duke of
Austria & his wife Elisabeth von Görz-Tirol (Habsburg 12 Dec 1298-
Vienna 20 Jul 1358, bur Gaming). He succeeded his brother in 1330 as
ALBRECHT II "der Weise" Duke of Austria and Steiermark, Duke of
Carinthia, Krain and South Tirol. b) URSULA (-5 or 15 May after
1367). Dame de Belfort 1347. Dame de Rougemont until 1350. Dame de
Dannemarie [Dammerkirche], Traubach and Pfetterhausen [Pfetterhouse]
until1351. The necrology of Augiæ Maioris records the death "III Non
Mai" of

"Ursula com de Phirt"[168], many members of the family of Montfort
(that of her second husband) being recorded in the same necrology. m
firstly ([8 Jun/9 Jul] 1333) HUGO I Graf von Hohenberg, son of
RUDOLF I Graf von Hohenberg [Zollern] & his first wife Agnes von
Werdenberg (-26 May 1354). m secondly (1354) WILHELM II Graf von
Montfort in Bregenz (-[18 May 1373/14 Jun 1374]).2. THIEBAUT (-[9
May 1311/1 Apr 1312], bur Thann Barfüsserkirche). Seigneur de
Rougemont 1295. 3. JEAN (-[18 May 1309/1 Apr 1312]). Seigneur de
Rougemont. 4. HERZELANDE (-3 Apr 1317, bur Abtei Neuburg bei
Hagenau). m (before 24 Nov 1299) OTTO V Herr von Ochsenstein (-19
Oct 1327, bur Abtei Neuburg bei Hagenau).5. SOPHIE (-25 Mar 1344,
bur Stuttgart Stiftskirche). m (before 1304, or 1312) ULRICH von
Württemberg, son of EBERHARD I "der Erlauchte" Graf von Württemberg
& his wife Irmgard von Baden (-murdered Alsace 11 Jul 1344, bur
Stuttgart Stiftskirche). He succeeded his father 1325 as ULRICH III
Graf von Württemberg.

6. COMTES de FERRETTE [PFIRT] 1125-1324 20Chapter 7. GRAFEN von