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x0x Turkish news for week ending 15 September 2007

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Edited by Okan Kolak

* Turkish newspapers reported that Turkish police
prevented a bomb attack in the Turkish capital Ankara
on September 11, finding a minivan packed with
explosives near a multi-story parking garage. 650
pounds of explosives were rendered inactive after
three-hours of effort by security teams.
Police evacuated houses, cordoned off the area near
the parking garage, the natural gas supply of the area
was cut off, and ambulances and fire trucks stood by
in case of an explosion. Shops and offices in the area
were also quickly emptied.
Ankara Governor Kemal Onal said: "A possible
disaster has been prevented,' and added that there was
a general police alert as September 11 and 12 are
sensitive days. September 12 is the anniversary of a
military coup in Turkey. Ankara Governor's Office
stated that explosives were the same as the ones found
in operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party in
Turkish cities Mersin and Uludere.

* The Associated Press reported that an explosion at a
natural gas pipeline from Iran shut down gas supplies
to Turkey, the state-run pipeline company Botas said
It was not immediately clear what caused the
explosion. Separatist Kurdish rebels in Turkey have
attacked pipelines close to the border with Iraq and
Iran in the past as part of their campaign for
autonomy, says the Associated Press.
Repairs to the pipeline were under way, the
statement said. Iran is a major supplier of natural
gas to Turkey after Russia.

* The Turkish daily Hurriyet reports hat the US
Embassy in Ankara, Turkey denied an assertion that US
officials were frequently holding meetings with the
rebel Turkish Kurds on Mt. Kandil in Iraq.
A written statement released Tuesday underlined that
the US accepts Kurdistan Workers Party as a terrorist
group, and that the country never lends support to
The statement added that these kind of allegations
are aimed at harming friendship between the US and

* The Syrian foreign affairs minister Mr. Walid
Moallem arrived in the Turkish capital Ankara late
Sunday night for a sudden visit to discuss with
Turkish officials an alleged air space violation by
Israeli warplanes, the Turkish Daily News reports. Mr.
Moallem met with his Turkish counterpart Ali Babacan.
After the meeting, Mr. Babacan told a press
conference that for Turkey the violation of airspace
by Israeli planes is an unacceptable development. He
added "We launched the necessary initiatives and a
full investigation into the event is underway."
Turkey was involved in the issue when fuel tanks
were found near its border, allegedly dropped by
Israeli aircraft. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
officially requested information from Israel last
In related news, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida claimed
that Turkey provided Israel with intelligence on Syria
prior to last week's alleged Israeli Air Force flyover
into the country
According to the report, Turkey had a central role
in delivering precise information regarding targets in
Syria that were to be hit by Israeli planes. Further,
the report claimed that the Israeli pilots were given
authorization by the Turkish army to use its airspace
to carry out the operation.
The Israeli and Turkish armies share a strong
relationship. The two armies have held in the past
several joint exercises and Israel sells weapons to

* Turkish President Abdullah Gul separately received
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chief of
General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit on Monday, reports
the Turkish daily Turkiye.
The meeting between Mr. Gul and Gen. Buyukanit was
closely watched by the press because of the recent
tension between the government and the generals.
Mr. Gul's first bid for presidency was blocked by
the secular establishment, which includes the generals
of the Turkish armed forces, leading to early
elections and a landslide victory for Mr. Gul's
Justice and Development party.
Gen. Buyukanit congratulated President Gul for his
new post and said that he hoped Mr. Gul would be
successful in his new post.

* Agence France Presse reports that a Turkish appeals
court on Thursday overturned the acquittal of two
academics who put out a government-sponsored report
urging greater rights for minority groups. The
academics can now be re-tried for sedition.
The Turkish court that acquitted professors Baskin
Oran and Ibrahim Kaboglu of sedition last year said
they were protected by free-speech laws.
The appeals court ruled against the acquittal,
saying the October 2004 report by professors Mr. Oran
and Mr. Kaboglu constituted a threat to the state.
Turkey recognizes only the Greek, Armenian and
Jewish communities as religious minorities under the
1923 Lausanne Treaty, the founding accord of modern-
day Turkey.
The court also objected to the report's
recommendation that people be allowed to identify
themselves with different ethnic roots along with
their Turkish citizenship.

* Turkish daily Cumhuriyet reports that a Turkish
Industrialists and Businessmen's Association
delegation chaired by Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag met on
Tuesday with the European Union Commissioner for
Enlargement Olli Rehn. During the visit, Mr. Rehn said
that Turkey was losing friends because of its slow
pace to reform the Article 301 of the Turkish Penal
In related news, the Turkish daily Milliyet reports
that European Union's Independent Commission on Turkey
members, on a visit to Turkey held a press conference
in Istanbul. The commission head former Finnish
President Martti Ahtisaari said that the necessary
atmosphere was created following the recent Turkish
elections for the government to pursue reforms, adding
that good will was important, but implementation was
more important than that.
The Independent Commission on Turkey member former
Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Bronislaw Geremek said
that the European Parliament accepted Turkey as a
candidate since it was a secular country with a
majority Muslim population. Saying that the World
considered this an advantage, Mr. Geremek added that
he hoped Turkey would remain secular forever and its
democracy would be more stable.

* The Turkish daily Sabah reports that the European
Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs discussed on
Thursday a draft resolution on Turkey prepared by its
Dutch Christian Democrat member Ria Oomen-Ruijten.
Commenting on Mr. Abdullah Gul's presidency, Ms.
Oomen-Ruijten said that she knew Mr. Gul well.
"Mr. Gul is very capable and wise man; he knows how
to make politics" said Ms. Oomen-Ruijten.
She also expressed her belief that Mr. Gul certainly
will act in line with the principle of secularism.

* Turkey for the first time participated in the
Defense Systems and Equipment International Exhibition
on September 11-14 in London, the Turkish daily
Turkiye reports.
In addition to the Defense Industry
Undersecretariat, Turkey was represented by 18 Turkish
firms in the fair.


* The Finnish Glass Art 2000-2005 exhibition opened
Wednesday evening in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic
Arts in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, displaying glass
artifacts for every day use, such as glasses and
plates, as well as more abstract pieces by 60 Finnish
glass artists from the Finnish Glass Museum at
Riihimäki, Finland.
Present at the opening ceremony were Ambassador of
Finland Maria Serenius, the honorary consul of Finland
in Istanbul, Mustafa Koc, Director General of Museums
and Cultural Assets Orhan Duzgun, and Director of the
Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts Seracettin $ahin.

* Grapes from Turkey's Cappadocia region are finally
pleasing wine producers and locals as a very long
awaited fermentation process has finally ended with
the opening of 2007 vintage season on Aug. 20. Vintage
Events are scheduled between August and October
throughout Turkey and one of the events is to be held
in a 14-year-old Cappadocia vineyard owned by
KavaklIdere, Turkey's oldest private wine producer.
KavaklIdere owns a total vineyard area of 425 acres
in the Ye$ilyurt Village in the Cappadocia region
where it produces good-quality dry wine from the
region's juicy, white Emir grapes. Emir grapes are
used in "The Emir Sultaniye Special White" and
"Cankaya" and in "Primeur White" which will be on the
market in early November.
This grape is also suitable for making sparkling
wine and it is used for KavaklIdere KavaklIdere Golden
Foam, Turkey's first and the only natural sparkling
wine. In addition to the Emir grapes, four domestic
and four foreign grapes are grown in the region,
including Narince, Kalecik KarasI, Okuzgozu,
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and
Levent Saglamer, manager of the KavaklIdere vineyard
in Cappadocia, said that the wine grapes liked the
cretaceous soil that the territory of Cappadocia
region has in abundance. He also said the recent
drought afflicting Turkey has partially affected the
vineyards in the area. "We have irrigation facilities
in our vineyards, but the grapes exposed most to the
sun are burnt," he said. "Unfortunately, there is
nothing to be done for it. If the drought continues in
central Anatolia, however, it can pose a serious
threat for winemaking in the long run."
In the Cappadocia region, more fruitful and acid-
concentrated grapes are grown due to the KIzIlIrmak
River running through the area where the difference in
temperature between day and night create an ideal
aromatic and acid-concentrated grape.
KavaklIdere has been participating in numerous
international wine festivals and competitions, with
more than 390 medals awarded. Eda MarkalIoglu, quality
control chief in the Capadoccia Production Plant, said
the taste of the domestic grapes is perceived as quite
unique and distinguished by wine lovers abroad.

* The Dogan News Agency reports that residents at
Turkey's Island resort of Sedir are using 50 chicken
to protect the tourists on their beaches from bugs and
creatures like scorpions.
Locals said some villagers had left five or six
chickens on the island a year ago, with their
population increasing to 50 over the years.
Culture and Tourism Director Osman Murat Suslu told
the Dogan News Agency that chicken enable them to do
the pest control naturally without resorting to
Mr. Suslu said use of pesticides had backfired in
the past, noting "Years ago, there were a lot of rats
and officials used pesticide. Rats died out but this
time the snake population skyrocketed. It appears rats
fed on snake eggs. When officials tried to eradicate
the snakes, bug population increased. Pesticides ruin
the natural order."
He said chickens were wild but were used to humans.
"They walk around tourists all the time. Tourists feed
them and so do we. They are very important for us."
Around 300,000 tourists visit the island of Sedir,
which is famous for its sand. According to local urban
legend, the sand on Cleopatra Beach was brought over
from Egypt over 2,000 years ago by the Roman
politicians and general Mark Anthony, for his lover
In fact, the crystallized sand particles formed
through the high carbonate content of the seawater
solidified over millennia. These special sand
particles, all of which are almost equal in size with
a diameter of less than one millimeter, look more like
fish eggs and are said to be present only on Cleopatra
Beach and the Red Sea shores.

* Anatolia news agency reports that the Turkey
Underwater Culture Heritage Virtual Museum has been
established in the city of Ka$ in Turkey's
Mediterranean province of Antalya and is expected to
boost diving tourism.
The underwater museum is part of the Ka$ Archeopark
pilot project and is directed by the Underwater
Research Association and Ba$kent University Culture
and Art Research Center.
"City ruins, sunken ships and planes will be
displayed underwater. A camera system will be planted
inside the replica made last year of the sunken 3,300-
year-old ship Uluburun. All videos will be published
on the Internet, and the museum will be open to online
visitors," said Professor Guzden Varinlioglu, the head
of the project.

* The ancient Hierapolis Theater in Turkey's western
Aegean province of Denizli will have the honor of
being the first theater to be restored using its
original pieces, excavation team head Professor
Francesco D'Andria from Italy said.
Speaking during the 50th year celebration of the
excavations, D'Andria added that studies on the stage
had been completed.
Celebrating the 50th year of excavations, Italian
Music Group Caffe Italiona gave a concert on Sept. 8
in the theater in Pamukkale district.
Italy's ambassador to Turkey, Carlo Marsili, also
watched the concert.

* Dogan News Agency reports that a 10-member team led
by Osman Aytekin of Yuzuncu YIl University in the
southeastern city of Van kicked off the first
archeological excavations at $avkat Fort in Turkey's
Black Sea province of Artvin on Aug. 29.
A prior survey of the fort revealed that it dates
back to at least the Middle Ages and further work is
expected to clarify whether the castle also served
during the Byzantine and Roman times.

* According to the Turkish Daily News, Turkey's third
largest metropolitan area Izmir is holding its first
contemporary arts Festival.
To kick off the Festival, A press conference with
the theme "mirage and desire," was held at the French
Cultural Center with the participation of the Center
director, Jean Luc Maeso, Center's Art Agency director
and curator, Emmy de Martelaere, and K2 Contemporary
Art Center manager and assistant curator, Ay$egul
Mr. Maeso said that they organized the activity to
enable artists who were living abroad and the audience
from different places of the city to meet. He said
that they aimed to make contemporary art a part of
city life. "Izmir is a city which has defined the
cultural and economic lives of historically powerful
civilizations. With the opportunities it has and
within the framework of the responsibilities of
contemporary art, Izmir will host an important event,"
he said.
Mr. Maeso said that they will use original
exhibition areas besides the usual exhibition sites.
He added that about 20 artists from all around the
world will come and meet in Izmir.
The event will be held with the supports of the
French Cultural Center, K2 Contemporary Art Center,
Konak Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
through Oct. 7.

* Ulubey Canyon in Turkey's West Central province of
U$ak, the World's second longest canyon following the
Grand Canyon in the United States, will be made
available for nature sports and a golf course said
members of the Turkish Employers' Union in Europe who
visited the region last week.
The committee which toured the Ulubey Canyon, the
AdIguzel Dam and the Karabasan region in a helicopter
was joined by the Justice and Development Party's U$ak
deputy, Nuri Uslu, Turkish Employers Union in Europe
president, $eyhmus Ozmen, union member, Britta
Redecar, as well as businessmen.
The union president, Ozmen, said they will share
their impressions about Ulubey and U$ak with German
businessmen who will come to observe the region for
new investments, and Ms. Redecar, said the investments
will make the region a magnet for tourism activities.

* The Associated Press reports that Rock legends Led
Zeppelin will perform a one-time comeback concert in
London in memory of Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet
Ertegun, organizers said Wednesday.
The group will perform together for the first time
in 19 years on Nov. 26, at London's The O2 venue, on
the banks of the River Thames.
Promoters said the concert will pay tribute to Mr.
Ertegun - the label boss who popularized Ray Charles,
Aretha Franklin and Led Zeppelin - who died in
December at the age of 83.
All proceeds will go toward the Ahmet Ertegun
Education Fund to establish music scholarships for
students at institutions in the U.K., the United
States and Turkey, organizers said.
Mr. Ertegun was the son of the Turkish ambassador to
the US.


Edited by Mark Nowak

* European Cup 2008

Turkey 3 - 0 Hungary
Gokhan 68'
Aurelio 72'
Altintop 90+3'

Group C standings Teams

Pld W D L GF GA Pts

Greece 8 6 1 1 14 7 19
Norway 9 5 2 2 20 8 17
Turkey 8 5 2 1 21 8 17
Bosnia-Herzegovina 9 4 1 4 14 16 13
Hungary 9 3 0 6 8 17 9
Malta 8 1 2 5 7 17 5
Moldova 9 1 2 6 5 16 5

* Turkish Super League

Week 5 matches:

BB Ankaraspor BesIktas
Denizlispor Kasimpasa
Sivasspor Genclerbirligi Oftas
Fenerbahce Caykur Rizespor
Trabzonspor MKE Ankaragucu
Genclerbirligi Manisaspor
Gaziantepspor Kayserispor
Istanbul BB Bursaspor
Galatasary Konyaspor

Team Pts G W D L GF GA

1 Galatasaray 10 4 3 1 0 8
2 Be$ikta$ 10 4 3 1 0 4 1
3 Kayseri 8 4 2 2 0 6 2
4 Trabzonspor 7 3 2 1 0 8 2
5 MKE Ankaragucu 7 4 2 1 1 7 6
6 Fenerbahce 7 4 2 1 1 4 4
7 Sivasspor 6 3 2 0 1 4 2
8 Istanbul BB 6 4 2 0 2 5 5
9 Bursaspor 5 4 1 2 1 4 3
10 Denizlispor 5 4 1 2 1 7 7
11 Genclerbirligi OFTA$ 4 4 1 1 2 3 5
12 Manisaspor 4 4 1 1 2 7 9
13 Genclerbirligi 4 4 1 1 2 6 7
14 Gaziantepspor 3 4 1 0 3 3 5
15 Konyaspor 3 4 0 3 1 4 5
16 CAYKUR Rize 3 4 1 0 3 4 12
17 KasImpa$a 3 4 1 0 3 4 7
18 Ankaraspor 1 4 0 1 3 4 8

* Eurobasketball 2007

Turkey 64 - 85 France
Turkey does not advance to the quarter-finals.


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