Subject: Something about the FMCK

Something about the FMCK

A note from the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the
King at Lourdes Convent (in a recent issue of RENEWAL) announces some
changes in the order of "the Congrgation of Franciscan Missionaries of
Christ the King, an indigenous congregation which originated in the
slums of Karachi, then a part of India".

It has been announced that due to the increasing numbers and apostolates
spread through various parts in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, a need
was felt to decentralize the administration for better efficiency and
organization. Accordingly, during the 10th General Chapter, the
Congregation decided to have two provinces -- Province of St Francis of
Assisi in Pakistan and Sr Clare's Province in India, besides three
regions which "in course of time" will develop into full-fledged

The Province (in India) consists of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman,
Archdiocese of Mumbai, Dioceses of Vasai and Pune. The Sisters are
engaged in educational, pastoral, health and social work. The less
priviledged -- street children, AIDS patients, the old and handicapped
-- are "close to our heart", say the sisters. Concern for the rights of
the poor will be their main thrust.

The Generate of the Franciscan Missionaries has been shifted to
Portiuncula at Old Goa. SR Antointe Lopes, the Superior General, and her
Councilors, will operate from this new Franciscan setting. The
Provincialate will be housed at Lourdes Convent Saligao, with Sr Pushpa
Abraham as the Provincial Superior, Sr Leandra D'Sa as her Assistant and
Srs Consolata, Sr Lily and Sr Agnes as the Provincal Councilors.

Mother Bridget Sequeira -- who happened to be from Saligao -- was the
key mover behind and sowed the tiny seed of the FMCK in 1937. Today,
this has grown into a huge tree, spreading its branches in India,
Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In a note th...

e sisters said, "It is our proud privilege to be part of
Saligao. We appreciate and cherish the pleasant memories of our
relationship with the Saligaokars, who are very kind and cooperative. We
acknowledge with gratitude the help and support rendered to us by all
parish priests and parishioners."

It's time we Saligaokars also said a thank you to the nuns for offering
a quality and inspiring education (the fruits of it are today spread
across the globe, including in some top jobs) for one or maybe even two
generations of children from here. On behalf of Saligaonet, we wish them
well. --FN
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