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manticore \MAN-tih-kore\ (noun)
: a legendary animal with the head of a man, the body of
a lion, and the tail of a dragon or scorpion

Example sentence:
The book, a collection of fantastic tales, has on its
cover a vivid illustration of a wild-eyed manticore chasing a

Did you know?
A mythical creature of ancient fables, the manticore keeps
company with the better-known unicorn, dragon, and griffin.
Descriptions of the manticore's features sometimes differ (some
accounts mention porcupine quills or poisonous spikes, for
example; others depict the tail as having a serpent's head),
but the animal is by all accounts a dreadful beast. The word
"manticore" came to English through Greek and Latin, and is
probably ultimately of Iranian origin. Etymologists think it
is related to an Old Persian word for "man-eater."

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