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The Word of the Day for July 25 is:

longanimity \long-guh-NIH-muh-tee\ (noun)
: a disposition to bear injuries patiently : forbearance

Example sentence:
Grandmother bore the trials and tribulations of her life
with longanimity.

Did you know?
"Longanimity" is a word with a long history. It came to
English in the 15th century from the Late Latin adjective
"longanimis," meaning "patient" or "long-suffering."
"Longanimis," in turn, derives from the Latin combination of
"longus" ("long") and "animus" ("soul"). "Longus" is related
to the ancestors of our word "long," and is itself an ancestor
to several other English words, including "longevity" ("long
life"), "elongate" ("to make longer"), and "prolong" ("to
lengthen in time").

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