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The Word of the Day for July 15 is:

august \aw-GUST or AW-gust\ (adjective)
: marked by majestic dignity or grandeur

Example sentence:
Mr. Lee's bearing was always august and stately, and he
drew respectful glances wherever he went.

Did you know?
"August" comes from the Latin word "augustus," meaning
"consecrated, venerable," which in turn derives from "augere,"
a verb meaning "to make grow" or "to increase." The first Roman
emperor was given the title "Augustus" to reflect his lofty
status. During his reign (in 8 B.C.), the Roman Senate voted to
use the title to replace the name of the month "Sextilis" in
their calendar to honor their grand leader. English speakers
inherited the name of the month of August with the rest of the
Julian calendar, but it wasn't until the mid-1600s that "august"
came to be used generically in English, more or less as
"augustus" was in Latin, to refer to someone with imperial

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