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The Word of the Day for July 13 is:

kibitzer \KIH-bit-ser\ (noun)
: one who looks on and often offers unwanted advice or
comment especially at a card game; broadly : one who offers

Example sentence:
Sue's uncle was an inveterate kibitzer, and worse, he
usually offered bad advice.

Did you know?
The Yiddish language has given English some particularly
piquant terms over the years, and "kibitzer" is one such term.
"Kibitzer," spelled "kibitser" in Yiddish, came to that
language from the German word "kiebitzen," meaning "to look on
(at cards)." "Kiebitzen" may or may not be derived from a
German word for "lapwing," a type of bird noted for its shrill
and raucous cry. (We can speculate that the bird's cry reminded
people of the shrill commentary of onlookers at card games.)
The word became more popular and widespread after the 1929 play
_The Kibitzer_ came out. Although "kibitzer" usually implies
some sort of meddling, there is a respectable body of evidence
for the word simply meaning "spectator," regardless of whether
the onlooker interferes in the action.

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