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The Word of the Day for July 12 is:

quondam \KWAHN-dum or KWAHN-dam\ (adjective)
: former, sometime

Example sentence:
After they moved into their new house, Mike and Lynn
discovered a cache of hundred dollar bills hidden behind the
fridge by the quondam owner.

Did you know?
Looking for an unusual and creative way to say "former"?
"Quondam" (which came to English in the 16th century from Latin
"quondam," meaning "formerly") certainly fits the bill. Or
maybe you'd prefer one of its synonyms: "whilom," "ci-devant"
or "preterit." Or you could really go crazy with "umquhile," a
word that is extremely rare even in its more natural Scots
English setting. "Quondam" itself isn't exactly ubiquitous, but
it's used more than any of the other words above. If you're
looking for something a bit more pedestrian, you might try yet
another synonym: "erstwhile." Despite its wonderfully archaic
flavor, "erstwhile" is a highly favored alternative.

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