ingurgitate's Word of the Day

Playwright Lanford Wilson immortalized "The 5th of July"
in 1978. Read about him in our Dictionary of American Writers.

The Word of the Day for July 9 is:

ingurgitate \in-GUR-juh-tayt\ (verb)
: to swallow greedily or in large quantities : guzzle

Example sentence:
The children hurriedly ingurgitated their dinner, then
rushed back outside to play.

Did you know?
Most people are familiar with "regurgitate" as a fancy
synonym for "throw up," but far fewer know of its rarer antonym
"ingurgitate." It's a word as likely to turn up in a spelling
bee as in conversation, but it does see occasional use, both
literal (as in "ingurgitating red wine") and figurative (as in
"ingurgitating artwork"). "Regurgitate" and "ingurgitate" (and
also "gurgitate," an even rarer synonym of "ingurgitate") can
be ultimately traced back to the Latin word for "whirlpool,"
which is "gurges."

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