Subject: Editing nib files in XCode 4 and other stuff

I've just converted my long-standing XCode 3 project to XCode 4. I was very
fortunate in that the only change I had to make was because the call to
-setDelegate was changed from:

- (void )setDelegate:(id)delegate
- (void )setDelegate:(id < NSToolbarDelegate >)delegate
- (void )setDelegate:(id < RunPortDelegate >)delegate

for one class's ToolbarCategory and for my RunPortCategory for another Class.

(1) For what reason did they make that change to -setDelegate .. just plain ole
(id) worked ??

(2) Based on what I've read (and shown) SO FAR is that XCode 3 generated nib's
are not editable in XCode 4 and that the only way to get around this is:
a. edit them in XCode 3 and do everything else in XCode 4 .. thank
heavens I was smart enough to keep XCode 3 around
b. re-generate them in XCode 4, basically starting over in XCode 4's
integrated environment. I don't know how to do that yet .. have downloaded
various PDFs, so I've got a lot of reading to do .. something about creating a
file first via the File Menu .. I'll get there eventually

John Love
Touch the Future! Teach!


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