Subject: Binding multiple NSTableView and NSPopupButton to
an NSArrayControler

I have an NSTableView column bound to an NSArrayController which itself
is bound to an NSMutableArray. The mutable array resides in a different XIB.
The data is displayed as expected, but when I remove an item, although it
does disappear from the table, the
change is not written to disk when the application quits. I use
NSKeyedArchiver to persist the array to disk upon quitting. When the
application quits, the original array including the removed items is
written to disk.

I did some debugging and found that after the items are removed from the
array controller, the underlying array does indeed reflect the removal,
but something happens between there and quitting the application that
brings the removed items back into the array.

My application also uses an NSPopupButton to display these same items.
It is also bound to the same array controller as the table view column and
in the same XIB as the array and controller.
Can someone enlighten me as to what's happening?

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