Subject: Stack of NSWindow sheets


Is there a well-known way (or a library) to keep a stack (or queue) of sheets
per window?

I'm a developer of Gitbox - a git repository manager. It keeps several repos
opened and periodically updates them. If some repos require authentication, a
modal dialog pops up. I'd like to clean up these dialogs by attaching them as
sheets to the main window. But since NSApp does not manage any form of stack or
queue of sheets, I need to take care of it myself: that is maintaining a queue
of windows to be displayed as sheets and displaying next sheet when the
previous one was dismissed.

Something like:

[mainWindowController queueSheet:aWindow completionHandler:^(NSInteger

So the questions are:

1. Is there a code already doing that? If not, then I'll just write it myself.
2. Is it a good way to solve the problem? Maybe I miss some subtle issues with
AppKit or user experience.



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