Re: How to detect curly quotes

Steve Cronin wrote:

I'm reading input from a text file (stringWithContentsOfFile) I have no control over.
Testing is going well until a I encounter a phrase is wrapped in curly quotes.
(Note phrases wrapped in straight quotes are fine)

Without trying to digest the entirety of the Mac OS Text Encoding system, can someone suggest a simple way to detect these characters?

Use one of the non-deprecated stringWithContentsOfFile methods where you either specify which text-encoding to use, or you get back the automagically chosen encoding that was used.

If you have some idea of what the file's actual text-encoding is, use the message that specifies an encoding. If you have no idea, then use the message that returns the encoding to you.

If you have no idea what the text-encoding is and you may need to try several until something works properly, then get the file as an NSData and examine its bytes directly to help interpret what the text- encoding could be. Once you have a reasonable text-encoding decision, convert the NSData to NSString.

If this doesn't seem simple enough, it may be impossible to be both simple and accurate about the actual text-encoding. You may have to choose between simplicity and accuracy.

-- GG


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