Subject: Strange NSCell subclass issue ...


I have subclassed NSCell and implemented only the following method ...

- (void)drawWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView *)controlView
NSImage *separator = [NSImage imageNamed:@"Separator.png"];
[separator setScalesWhenResized:YES];
[separator setFlipped:YES];
NSGraphicsContext *context = [NSGraphicsContext currentContext];
[context saveGraphicsState];
NSImageInterpolation interpolation = [context imageInterpolation];
[context setImageInterpolation:NSImageInterpolationHigh];
[separator setSize:NSMakeSize(cellFrame.size.width, 2.0f)];
[separator drawInRect:NSMakeRect(cellFrame.origin.x,
cellFrame.size.height - 10.0f, cellFrame.size.width, 2.0f)
[context setImageInterpolation:interpolation];
[context restoreGraphicsState];

I have then subclassed NSTableView and set the dataCell of the first
column to the above subclass.

All works fine, except for the fact that the image drawn (separator)
in the drawWithFrame method is only drawn in the very first cell. I
have three rows displayed in the table view, and can clarify this as I
can click on them and get the blue highlight.

Any ideas as to why this would only draw the first cell and not all three ?



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