Re: [BUG] Cursor Flicker

On Mar 31, 2009, at 1:51 PM, Eric E. Dolecki wrote:

For what it's worth, I see the flicker for only about the first second of the app and then it smooths out and seems fine (during that while loop)

Yes, after the while loop ends, it's not going to flicker and that is why is smoothes out. This is expected.

The bug is the fact that the cursor will flicker if one switches between a 'normal' cursor and a cursor based on a 64x64 image.

You do have a warning there on line 25
while ( theEvent = [myWindow nextEventMatchingMask:eventMask] && x < 30 ) {
(assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast)

Yep, but it is unimportant for this test case.


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