Re: Testing iphone application using simulator

I was changed the Executable to iphone Simulator(2.2) and Active SDK to
Simulator - iphone(2.2) but, it is not working. I'm attaching the screen
shot of Overview menu.

On 3/31/09 3:38 PM, "WT" <jrcapab@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Make sure you select the correct Executable and Active SDK options
> from the "Overview" menu in the main window of XCode. For some reason,
> sometimes XCode switches the Active SDK - behind your back - to one of
> the "Device" options when you switch from debug mode to release mode
> (or the other way around).
> On Mar 31, 2009, at 9:33 AM, Mahaboob wrote:
>> I created one application and is working fine in simulator under
>> debug mode.
>> Now I build the application under Release mode but, it is not opened
>> in
>> simulator.When I'm double click the application it crashes. Is it
>> possible
>> to test the application in simulator? If yes how can I do it?
>> Thanks in advance
>> mahaboob

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