Re: EXC_BAD_ACCESS and NSAttributedString driving
me crazy

On Mar 30, 2009, at 10:32 PM, Chris Idou wrote:
That's a good trick to know! When I bracket the calls thus, it crashes in a different but similar place:

#00x95a82688 in objc_msgSend
#10x90894910 in processColor
#20x9089395b in CharAttr
#30x9088db34 in -[NSRTFReader attributedString]
#40x9070bc03 in _NSReadAttributedStringFromURLOrData
#50x90709943 in -[NSAttributedString(NSAttributedStringKitAdditions) initWithData:options:documentAttributes:error:]
#60x9088c542 in -[NSAttributedString(NSAttributedStringKitAdditions) initWithRTF:documentAttributes:]
#70x908e6f25 in +[_NSRTFPboardTypeConverter pasteboard:provideDataForType:]
#80x908e6b58 in __NSPasteboardProvideData
#90x918dd120 in __CFPasteboardResolvePromiseForItemLocal
#100x918e0680 in CFPasteboardCopyData
#110x9086763e in -[NSPasteboard _dataWithoutConversionForType:]
#120x9086748a in -[NSPasteboard dataForType:]

And then if I bracket the call to dataForType: as well, the crashes stop happening. I'm relieved to know I at least have a workaround.

Does this tend to indicate some kind of Apple GC bug?

Potentially. Please file a bug and attach a binary of your app and the crashing data file, along with steps to reproduce.

Send me the bug #, please.




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