(un)mounting volumes

Hey folks,

I am a little stuck here. Let me know if there is a better place to ask but...

So far I've managed to mount a volume with FSMountServerVolumeAsync().
I am still wondering how to set the volume name (and where that is
documented). That's one thing.

But more importantly: How do I unmount a volume? FSUnmountVolumeSync()
- sure! ...but! This requires me to have a FSRef. While I could store
the FSRef from FSMountServerVolumeAsync() this will only work for when
it was actually *me* than mounted the volume. So another question
comes up: How do I list all mounted volumes (and their mount points)?
Just looking in "/Volumes" sounds (while maybe "pragmatic" still) like
a bad idea. If I just had the mount points and the mapping to the
volume name I could get the FSRef and then call FSUnmountVolumeSync().

Obviously this information must be available somewhere. The Finder
knows and it's what is exposed through the "mount" command. As I don't
really like the idea of calling out the executable I probably could
try have a look at the source code of "mount". Any pointers where I
could find that? Google wasn't very helpful so far.

...or is there any easier way to get to that information? Did I just
not find it or is this really not properly documented?

Any help appreciated!


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