Re: Best Strategy to Control iTunes

> > * Communcation with iTunes
> > - What's the best interface to use?
> There are many approaches but if you don't tell us what are your purposes
> we
> can't tell you wich approach is the best for your use. However, i suggest
> googling for ScriptingBridge.

My application will be adding/removing tracks to iTunes. I will not be
controlling playback or anything like that, it's mainly to manipulate the
database and playlists.

> >
> > - It's known that if any dialog is open in iTunes it freezes any
> > communication through the scriptable interface, how can I detect that and
> > put all my "messages" in a queue, so that when iTunes is responsive, I
> can
> > send my messages?
> What kind of task are you trying to accomplish? Are you sure you have to
> know whether a dialog is open in iTunes? AFAIK you can't do anything
> similar, in any application.

If I want to add a track to iTunes, I need to make sure iTunes is

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