How can I draw an election map?

I am starting a new project that involves simulating various US election
results. I want to plot the results using an election map similar to the
ones that were all over the web during last year¹s election. However, I
would like to do this in Cocoa/Objective-C rather than having to learn
Python or Java.

I am looking for advice on how to get started, since I have done only very
rudimentary graphics stuff up to now. Basically there are two pieces of the
puzzle: (1) how to get the blank map into my program, and (2) how to
dynamically fill the complex shapes that constitute the map. I have blank
maps I can use, and I suppose I could convert them into pretty much any
graphics format (I am thinking EPS is probably best). Once I have the map
in place I need to do the equivalent of a ³fill² command in the various
places to put the right color in the right state outline.

At this stage, I don¹t even know what classes I should be researching
(NSBezier path? CALayer?), so any advice, no matter how general would be
really welcome.

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