Referencing a controller from one NIB to another ?

Following up on my question about putting several windows in a single NIB, as it seems it's a bad idea, I'm now confronted to binding controllers from one NIB to another.

To give a quick example, take the TwoManyControllers sample :

A main NSArrayController holds the list of top level elements to display them in an NSTable, each of those elements is itself an array, to which a secondary NSArrayController is bound.

Problem, how do you do that when the first NSArrayController is in the main NIB, and the secondary one in the other ?

I was looking for a way to define the first NSArrayController in both NIBs, except that in the 2nd NIB it would reference the one in the first, rather than being instantiated on its own, but I don't see how that's doable.

Any ideas ?



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