Re: ack no class

Maybe start up that generated app in gdb with a breakpoint set on NSLog? When it breaks you could look at the backtrace. That may at least tell you where the message is being generated, which may then tell you why.

On Mar 29, 2009, at 3:26 PM, Mark Sibly wrote:

I'm the author of BlitzMax, a multi-platform 'basic like' compiler.

I've recently had a few reports that apps generated by the Mac version
are producing a mysterious "ack no class" error when they start up -
similar to this:

2009-03-24 22:26:14.460 test[10329:717] ack no class

This appears to be written to 'stderr' and is occuring somewhere
between [NSApp run] and the [applicationDidFinishLaunching] method in
the app delegate - ie: it appears to be somewhere inside OsX/Cocoa.

I have been unable to reproduce this myself, but it's occurring on at
least one other machine with an identical config to mine - an Intel
Mac with OS X 10.5.6.

Has anyone else encountered this?

From the few similar cases I've found via google, Safari beta4 has
been suggested as a cause but I have that installed and am not getting
this error.

It's not really a biggy, as it doesn't seem to affect the app in any
way, it's just pretty ugly for users of an apparently 'basic like'


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