Re: Small white border around custom cell in
NSTableView ...

Hi Dave,

I didn't notice that in the documentation ... but must admit with
hindsight that I've spent more time looking in NSCell's documentations
when I should have been looking at NSTableViews.

Just checked in the online docs and this looks exactly what I'm after,
thank you.



2009/3/30 Dave Keck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Have you looked at setIntercellSpacing: ?
>> Hi,
>> Whenever I use a custom cell within an NSTableView, and color the
>> background different to the tables, there is a small white border (or
>> whatever I set the background color of the table to be) around the
>> cell, probably around 4px in height/width.
>> Is there a way to remove this 'padding' so that the bottom of the
>> previous row cell lines up exactly with the top of the current row
>> cell ?
>> Thanks,
>> -Mic

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