Re: [Solved] NSTableView updating checkboxes

Hi again Graham (and others that helped),

Just want to post back saying I got it all working. Thank you very much for
all of the help I really do appreciate it!


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Subject: Re: NSTableView updating checkboxes

On 23/03/2009, at 12:21 PM, Jo Phils wrote:

> Thank you Andrew (and Graham),
> I think i'm finally realizing that! :-) Thank you very much. Ok I still
> don't have it yet but it's back to work for me and hopefully the next time I
> post back I'll finally have it... :-)
> Thanks again,
> Rick

Hi Rick,

I'm away on a trip right now so I have limited eMail access - but briefly make
sure you implement BOTH methods I outlined, not just the second. It checks for
membership of the set so manages the checkbox state as needed. If you leave in
your call to always set NSOnState, well, that's what you'll get.



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