ack no class


I'm the author of BlitzMax, a multi-platform 'basic like' compiler.

I've recently had a few reports that apps generated by the Mac version
are producing a mysterious "ack no class" error when they start up -
similar to this:

Â2009-03-24 22:26:14.460 test[10329:717] ack no class

This appears to be written to 'stderr' and is occuring somewhere
between [NSApp run] and the [applicationDidFinishLaunching] method in
the app delegate - ie: it appears to be somewhere inside OsX/Cocoa.

I have been unable to reproduce this myself, but it's occurring on at
least one other machine with an identical config to mine - an Intel
Mac with OS X 10.5.6.

Has anyone else encountered this?

>From the few similar cases I've found via google, Safari beta4 has
been suggested as a cause but I have that installed and am not getting
this error.

It's not really a biggy, as it doesn't seem to affect the app in any
way, it's just pretty ugly for users of an apparently 'basic like'


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