Re: Spotlight and Leopard

On 2009-03-29, at 1:14 PM, Pierce Freeman wrote:


Thanks for your reply. I more mean what has changed in the actual structure
in Spotlight for Leopard. For example, I tried to follow this article: but it seems as if
some of the code has been removed from Leopard (HISearchWindowShow, etc).

I'm not aware of that being removed (and typically I would be)

It's in the headers on Leopard. That example does have an issue in that it doesn't link against Carbon. But if you do that, it compiles without warning, and clicking on the search button brings up the current Leopard HI for searching.

find it rather surprising that there is hardly any up-to-date documentation,
at least in the places I have been looking, for integration with Spotlight.
Any ideas would be very helpful (even if it is just regarding searching for
a file that changes locations in another way).

As I said, nothing much has changed since Tiger. Things still work as they did.

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