Re: Spotlight and Leopard

On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 22:31:01 -0700, Pierce Freeman
<piercefreeman11@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>Hi everyone.
>I have been looking into a way to search the user's hard drive for a files
>and have settled on Spotlight. I will say ahead of time that if anyone has
>a better way to search for files that are in changing places, I would love
>to hear about it!

Well, a user can accidentally or intentionally put a file in a place where
Spotlight is blind (either because it is hard-wired not to look there, or
because it is one of the places designated in the user's Spotlight Privacy
prefs), and then you are SOL. Whereas, if a file is moving around the same
hard drive, an alias (once formed) always works. m.

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