Safari Cookie whitelist plugin (Help)

Hi all,

I emailed the dev, and was given the sourcecode for SafariPlus, and are currently trying to update it for Leopard.

I have very limited coding abilities, and was hoping it would be a lot easier....

I was hoping someone with some spare time, may be able to take a look at the code and give me some pointers. I am in the process of merging the code with some of the sourcecode from Safari Adblock to build SafariPlus as a preference pane plugin. John mentioned that he had updated his codebase to use NSOutlineView, rather than an NSTableView, and the code he gave me wasnt quite working yet.

the code needs to be cleaned up from the codebase merge, as i am just trying to get it functional at the moment. As it stands, it is showing up as a preference pane in Safari at the moment, but the cookie list is not populating - however, when I select the delete all cookies button, all cookies are deleted, so there is basic (although not very useful functionality there)

all im looking for really is someone who can help to get the cookie table populated... ie the NSOutlineView..... because Im finding it rather difficult, to know where to start. I can clean up all the other code later, I just want to get plugin this working so people can use it. Its the only thing lacking from Safari at the moment. (for me at least, anyway)

I am wanting to keep the plugin as freeware.

can anyone help out.



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