Resizing CAAnimation

I think I have figured out how to make stationary layers layout (stay
centered in the superlayer) automatically when the superlayer resizes, using
either autoresizeMask or the constraints, but I need to do the same for
layers that are moving.

I have a simple animation in which I set the layer to move from the left
side of its superlayer to the right side. The problem comes when I resize
the superlayer. I would like layers that were animated across the center of
the superlayer to stay at the center, or layers which were animated on the
top third of the superlayer, to stay on the top third of the superlayer.
This is kinda confusing, but I would like to add a constraint manager to the
CAAnimation that is moving the layer.

Hopefully that makes sense. Any help will be appreciated!

Thank You,
Bridger Maxwell

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