Popup menu in custom view ...


I need help with implementing a popup menu in a custom view.

I have an NSCollectionView, and the prototype view draws an image,
some text etc. When the mouse is over the image a small bezel appears
with a gear icon on it (in a similar fashion to how the 'play' bezel
appears in iTunes when you hover over an album). What I would like to
do is popup a menu when the user clicks on the bezel. I have setup the
mouseDown method and it correctly detects when a left button click
happens within the bezel's rect, but I can't for the life of me figure
out how to popup a menu.

So far, I have tried creating a prototype menu in IB, linking it to an
IB outlet in the view prototype and then call [NSMenu
popupContextMenu...] passing in that menu, but the menu never appears,
even though I have an NSLog statement directly above and below that
statement which get called and I get no errors.

I have no idea how else to approach this, so any help would be greatly
appreciated. One caveat I have is that I just can't add a
NSPopupButton to the prototype because I need to call [super
mouseDown:event] at the beginning of my subclassed method so that the
NSCollectionViewItem gets selected before the menu should appear, as I
need the methods the menu items call to act upon the currently
selected item.



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