Can NSTrackingArea rects be nested?

I have a view that contains an NSTextView. I place NSTrackingAreas on portions of the TextView's text. I attach a userInfo dictionary to each of the tracking areas with a variety of parameters. The view containing the TextView happens also to have an NSTrackingArea around its entire frame. The NSTrackingAreaOptions are set to report mouse entered/exited for all of these tracking areas.

When the mouse enters the outer (containing) view, *all* of the tracking areas report the event, even though the mouse has not entered any of the nested tracking areas. I thought perhaps I needed to do hit testing of the mouse's hit point to see if it was in the tracking area's rect. But this doesn't work, because the event's tracking area as reported by [[event trackingArea] rect] is, in all cases, the rect of the containing view. However, if I examine the content of the event's userData, it is associated with the distinct smaller, contained (nested) tracking areas.

I can't find much about this in the archives; I have read Quincey Morris's "The NSTrackingArea Report" but have not ferreted anything from it that sheds light on the situation I amencountering. Can NSTrackingArea support nested tracking areas? Des anything special need to be done?

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