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On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:09:20 -0700, Quincey Morris
<quinceymorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>The other question that comes to mind here is: why Core Data? Core
>Data may simplify your life if you have a very complicated (database-
>ish) data model, or if you have very many (tens of thousands) data
>model objects, or you have some very large (MB-sized) data model
>attributes. If your data model is as straightforward as you make it
>sound, Core Data may not add much value, and may well bring an entire
>world of pain to your formerly sunny universe. (This list is littered
>with Core Data survivors, living the wrecks of their lives one-to-one
>relationship at a time. ;) )

Gosh, is that really true? My own experience has been just the opposite: I
routinely load all kinds of stuff into Core Data and maintain, fetch, and
store it from there, rather than building my own data structure, and I've
migrated into Core Data in situations where I used to have my own data
structure, just because Core Data is such an easy way to handle the general
case. And this is for data that is neither complicated nor large. m.

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