Re: user access privileges to plist in

I'd like the file to be user independent, so it should always read/ write to
the same file whoever logs in (it actually collects stats of usage). Is
there a better place to store the file? (has to be outside of / users) How
can I overcome the privileges issue?

If it's just collecting stats of usage, then why don't you use a public-readable file in each user's private-writable Library dir.

Or store private-writable public-readable per-user plists in a public- writable dir like /Users/Shared. Or if /Users/Shared is unacceptable, then use another dir created for your app, or explain why /Users/Shared is unacceptable.

If you can avoid having to use AEWP and elevated privileges, it will greatly simplify things and enhance security.

Just because you *can* do something with AEWP doesn't mean you *should*.

-- GG


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