Re: clarification regarding properties

Am 27.03.2009 um 17:24 schrieb WT:

foo = whatever
just sets the value of foo to the value of whatever, but = whatever
actually calls the method setFoo: with whatever as its argument.


If it is, this would be a major gotcha for Java developers new to Obj-C. In Java, = whatever has the exact same effect as foo = whatever when foo is a member variable of some object


Also, this means that it's best *always* to use the qualified assignment for properties,

Yes. Or you could just call [self setFoo:whatever] which is what everyone did before ObjC 2.0 anyway.

since there's a chance that a property might be changed from assigned to retained or copied (or from nonatomic to "atomic").

You mean if someone changes the header-file? Yes.

The new property assignment syntax is an easy way to get mixed up between Java, C++ and ObjC 2.0. It was a syntax error before.

Just always use anywhere if foo is a property and never think about it again :)



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