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On Mar 27, 2009, at 10:24 AM, WT wrote:

foo = whatever

just sets the value of foo to the value of whatever, but = whatever

actually calls the method setFoo: with whatever as its argument. This difference is important because the setter method might do some necessary memory management which the simple unqualified assignment never does.

Is my understanding correct?

If it is, this would be a major gotcha for Java developers new to Obj-C.

Correct; ObjC does things the other way around from Java and C#. This is because ObjC is a true superset of C, and C is of course purely procedural, and Java and C# are not supersets of C and can do things differently.

Also, this means that it's best *always* to use the qualified assignment for properties, since there's a chance that a property might be changed from assigned to retained or copied (or from nonatomic to "atomic").

Not always. If you're not using GC, then you may need to keep strong references to objects, or they might be deallocated behind your object's back, which would not be a very good thing. So I'd recommend using accessors unless you have a good reason to not do that.

Nick Zitzmann


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