Subject: Re: several windows in a NIB ?

On 3/27/09 12:11 PM, I. Savant said:

>> ... it suddenly occurs to me that nothing prevents me from having
>several top-level windows
>> in a single NIB, i.e. the Track Editor Panel may just as well be
>defined in the same NIB as
>> the main window, and that simplifies things a lot.
>> A question however : is this regarded as good practice ? And can I still
>> easily show or hide the panel window if it's not defined in its own NIB ?
> There is nothing wrong with this, IMO. The only two considerations:
>1 - If you have a "heavy" interface that does not all need to be
>loaded (ie, some windows may not be used during an entire session),
>you'd want to separate things out into their own nibs to shorten
>launch time.
>2 - In a larger, more complicated project, organization and working
>within IB can become a problem with a monolithic nib. Especially if
>the nib becomes corrupted at some point ...

3 - The nib and xib file formats to not diff & merge nicely. So if you
develop in a team, it's nearly impossible for more than one person to
change a nib at the same time (unlike source code). This is a good
reason to keep nibs small.

Sean McBride, B. Eng sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rogue Research
Mac Software Developer Montréal, Québec, Canada


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