Re: several windows in a NIB ?

Oh, and leaning the other way, your problem is best solved by using
a central controller as an access path to get to the other
controllers. In a non-doc-based app, that'd be some central
MyApplicationController with outlets to all other controllers. Those
subsystem controllers would have an outlet back to the
MyApplicationController instance (or, if it's the app delegate, [NSApp
delegate] will get you there as well).

So, if you have something like an audio file player with a
visualizer and the audio transport is handled in one controller while
the visualizer is handled in another, they could get at each other by:

[self setTrackTitleBannerText:[[[self appController]
transportController] currentTrack] title]];

It's always advantageous to have a "grand central station" or a
"fuse box" for your app. In the case of a doc-based app, your
NSDocument subclass would be that controller.


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