Confused about superclass initializers

I've thought myself into a hole in a subclass here ....

If I have a class Foo with a subclass Bar, which adds say 2 new variables, in Bar's init method I do the usual

self = [ super init ];

after someone called me with

Bar *myBar = [ [ Bar alloc ] init ];

at the point I call that, 'self' is a Bar, it was alloc()ed to be long enough for a Bar. But it's quite possible that Foo's init will not init the object it's given, it will throw it away and return me a totally different Foo, [ super init ] doesn't have to return the same thing you sent it. But if that happens, it will be a Foo returned, it won't be a Bar, Foo's constructor has no idea that it's really meant to be making a Bar, it won't have enough memory allocated to be a Bar.

Then bad things will happen when I try to set the Bar variables as I don't have enough memory for it.

I must have missed something here. _______________________________________________

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