AudioToolbox: shift playback position

Hi all.
I'm working on an audio recording / playback application for iPhone, and use
Apple's sample project SpeakHere as a starting point. Everything works all
right; however, there's just one thing I can't figure out how to do.

While playback, I want to be able to pause playing (via AudioQueuePause),
then move to another time in the audio record, and resume playback from the
new position (via AudioQueueStart). The problem is that I don't understand
how to move to a new position.

AudioQueueStart accepts a pointer to AudioTimeStamp as the second parameter.
However, when I manually set it up like this:
AudioTimeStamp ats;
ats.mSampleTime = seconds * audioPlayer.audioFormat.mSampleRate;
and pass it to AudioQueueStart, the playback resumes at the position where
it was stopped, not at the specified time moment.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody know a way how to set playback
position properly?

Best regards,
Sergey Shapovalov.

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