NSKeyedUnarchiver "incomprehensible
archive" error


I have an iphone and mac client of my app. To get data between them, I am using NSNetServices. The data is first archived using an NSKeyedArchiver, then unarchived using an NSKeyedUnarchiver. But, sometimes, when it is unarchinving, I get this error "*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:]: incomprehensible archive (0x62, 0x70, 0x6c, 0x69, 0x73, 0x74, 0x30, 0x30)'" But, this doesn't always happen, only 30% of the time.

It seems as though there is some data getting cut off/lost when sent. Is there a way to check if the data can be unarchived, and if not, to try again? Or, is there another way to get around this?


Any help would be much appreciated!


Joe Turner

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