Advice on the suitability of Core Animation in
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Hi all,

We're developing a document based app that displays many potentially small and large shapes within a given document, much like a CAD app. We've gone down the path of Core Animation so far and it works for the most part. But we're often limited by the 2048x2048 OpenGL texture size and the performance of many CATiledLayers seems to bog us down quite bit, especially with very large shapes. The animations we can create with Core Animation are extremely useful in providing end users feedback (for example, if the shapes move, they actually *move* to their new position).

These limitations have me wondering, what would you advise in this situation, especially given the usability advantages offered by Core Animation? I think it would be premature to make any decisions until we release version 1.0 of our app and until the release of Snow Leopard. But if Snowy doesn't offer a solution, my gut instinct is to use OpenGL.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


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