Re: KVC-KVO compliance - noob questions

2009/3/26 Тимофей Даньшин <ok5.admin@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi. I'm new to the field of KVC/KVO, but I want to master it.
> Are there any standard tests to check whether my objects are KVC/KVO
> compliant? And are there, perhaps, simpler and less profound explanations of
> that subject, than the ones on the Apple site?

Your question is extremely broad. Have you read the documentation?
Is there something you feel is missing?

You don't typically "check to make sure" after the fact, but rather
design your objects to be compliant. If you didn't build it with KVC /
KVO in mind, you'll probably have problems.

Read the documentation and apply the knowledge to your class
designs. If you have *specific* questions, the list is a great place
to ask them.


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