Converting a LDragTask to Cocoa's dragImage

I have a old LDragTask that looks like:

LDragTask drag( ..., ..., ..., kMyDragType, &data, sizeof(DataType*), flavorNotSaved );


GetFlavorType(inDragRef, inItemRef, 1, &flType);

is called and flType is assigned the value of kMyDragType.

The question is how do I setup the pasteboard that is passed with dragImage so that GetFlavorType will be able to extract the correctly flavorType?

I thought something like this might work:

NSPasteboard *dragData
NSString *dragType = NSFileTypeForHFSTypeCode( 'Drg1' );

[dragData declareTypes:[NSArray arrayWithObject:dragType] owner:self];
[dragData setData:[NSData dataWithBytes:&item length:sizeof( item )] forType:dragType];

but, GetFlavorType does not reliably assign 'Drg1' to flType...what's weird is that it works every once in awhile, but fails most of the time. I figure that when it was working, I was just getting lucky.

So, what is the right way to do this? Anyone know?


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