Re: Porting BASIC text mangling app to Objective-C

On Mar 25, 2009, at 12:06 AM, Ricardo Balderas wrote:

I'm starting with a Cocoa Document Based project, but am having trouble with Opening and Saving of documents. The stump comments in MyDocument.m are beyond me still, and I've tried the "Building a Text Editor in 15 minutes" example, but the opening and saving documents part is a bit outdated and gets confusing. Could you help me with a simple and well explained sample code of how to Open and Save files? Also, how can I make the app save .txt or .rtf files? I managed to make it output .???? files and read them back, but trying to add other file types (taken from the TextEdit source code) led to problems reopening a saved file.

A document-based approach is probably not useful for your example. If you really want to get into file management in Cocoa, refer to the NSFile* classes. At this early stage, I wouldn't bother yet and just look at NSString's -initWithContentsOfFile:encoding:error: and - writeToFile:atomically:encoding:error: and the NSScanner class.


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