Porting BASIC text mangling app to Objective-C


I'm pretty much new to Xcode. I've fiddled with it before and made some simple things successfuly but never really understood how it works, so currently I'm reading Become an Xcoder ( http://www.cocoalab.com/?q=becomeanxcoder ) and it's been very helpful in understanding Xcode and Objective-C.

Reading it also gave me the idea of porting a simple utility I made long ago in Metal BASIC which took a text file, randomly reordered the words in it and printed them to a new text file. Unfortunately Metal doesn't run properly anymore, so the only chance to have this app again is to rewrite it, which seems to make for a good simple enough project to learn Xcode. Luckily I saved the source code, so it shouldn't be something too hard to figure out.

I'm starting with a Cocoa Document Based project, but am having trouble with Opening and Saving of documents. The stump comments in MyDocument.m are beyond me still, and I've tried the "Building a Text Editor in 15 minutes" example, but the opening and saving documents part is a bit outdated and gets confusing. Could you help me with a simple and well explained sample code of how to Open and Save files? Also, how can I make the app save .txt or .rtf files? I managed to make it output .???? files and read them back, but trying to add other file types (taken from the TextEdit source code) led to problems reopening a saved file.

In case you're interested, here is the original BASIC sample code:

file$=open dialog$
if file$="" then end

randomize timer
f=open file(file$) // Counts the number of words in the
fread f,word$
until eof(f)
close file f

dim words$(i)
f=open file(file$) // Reads the words in a document and stores each in an array slot
fread f,words$(i)
> i=i+1
until eof(f)
close file f

dim newWords$(i),wordUsed(i)
for a=0 to i
whichWord=random(i) //Picks at random one of the words stored in the array. If the word is already used, tries picking again.
until wordUsed(whichWord)=0
newWords$(a)=words$(whichWord) //stores the reordered words in a new array
next a

for a=0 to i-1
fstring$=fstring$+newWords$(a)+" " //Prints the reordered words to a new string
next a

save$=save dialog$
if save$="" then end

f=open file(save$)
fwrite f, fstring$
close file f


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