Subject: RE: Reading one line at a time using NSFileHandle

>> Is there a way to read one line of a text file at a time
>> using NSFileHandle (the way fgets does)?
> This code illustrates how you might approach
> filtering lines of data obtained through an NSFileHandle.

I've come across this problem as well - its fine to say "read it all
into memory, then split it into lines seperated by my arbitrary
delimiter", but that doesn't work in small-memory environments (like the
iPhone) for big files which would otherwise be fine to parse line by

Answers of the form "...but how do you know what the delimiter character
is, Unicode, blah blah" aren't all that helpful. Lets assume that when
someone says fgets() they *know* that they want to access an 8-bit
ascii, newline-delimited text file line by line.

So far, the only answer I've ever seen is to fall back on

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